DynaSun Home takes care of your world.

Protecting our spaces, both domestic and professional, from theft and violations has become a need for which an effective response is needed and Dynasun has thought of an alarm system that guarantees the safety of our homes and the objects we care about, in a practical way. and within everyone’s reach.
The safety of our home, our loved ones and our loved ones is an issue that involves us all.

DynaSun Home takes care of your home.

The new DynaSun Home X6 robot belongs to the new generation of domestic robots that combine the traditional suction system with the washing function, actually marking a further step forward in the field of domestic cleaning. The DynaSun Home X6 floor cleaning robot is the top product of the new series. It is powered by lithium batteries which, in addition to respecting the environment, guarantee a longer life cycle than other power supply systems.

DynaSun Home W110 is a window cleaner robot with a motor that works thanks to the vacuum that allows it to adhere to the surface to be cleaned, such as Windows and Glass, thanks to the two specially designed cleaning wheels. The microfibre cloths supplied are used on both cleaning wheels and allow a thorough cleaning guaranteeing an excellent result, since they imitate the movement of a hand!

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The added value, intended both as consultancy and technical assistance, has long been the common thread of the company staff; never limiting oneself to offering simple routine technical assistance, but addressing the problem directly in order to find a lasting solution to the problem, is the minimum objective to be achieved; carefully evaluating the customer’s needs in order to propose the best solution with a quality / price ratio is now part of the DNA of all those who work in the company.