DynaSun Home G49A Wireless Anti-theft Kit 433 Mhz Wireless Home Alarm Wireless Cell Phone Dialer GSM APP Anti Jamming Assistance and Instructions in Italian

Protecting our spaces, both domestic and professional, from theft and violations has become a need for which an effective response is needed and Dynasun has thought of an alarm system that guarantees the safety of our homes and the objects we care about, in a practical way. and within everyone’s reach. The safety of our home, our loved ones and our loved ones is an issue that affects us all.
Dynasun’s G49A Home anti-theft kit is the easy and economical solution for those who care about the protection of their home, and for those who need an intuitive system that does not require the installation of a technician or special maintenance work.
The DynaSun Home G49A anti-theft device is easy to use: the control unit display allows simple and quick management of settings, and the security system is adaptable to indoor, outdoor and even multi-floor areas, thanks to the wireless system.
You can also keep an eye on your system via the app conveniently from your smartphone.
To meet all needs and to ensure a customizable system, Dynasun has included in its Kit all the basic accessories to ensure 360 ​​degree protection.
The Volumetric PIR sensor is ideal for the protection of interior spaces, even at night thanks to infrared technology that detects any movements.
For the control of doors and windows, the Dynasun burglar alarm consists of a magnetic sensor, or a contact for doors and windows, which sends an alarm to the control unit in case of unwanted opening of your windows.
Two remote controls allow you to manage the system in basic operating functions and 2 RFID keys allow you to activate and deactivate the system in a comfortable and simple way.
Finally, the kit is equipped with a wired siren that emits a sound signal in the event of an alarm.
The Dynasun anti-theft system with the GSM dialer represents an effective and innovative anti-theft system. Wireless wireless technology makes it a perfect device for those who want an easy-to-install alarm system. The presence of a professional installer or special technical skills is not required, nor are masonry work required. The different combinations make it suitable for apartments, even on several levels, offices, shops and garages, even at night thanks to the partialization of the areas to be protected.
The system is equipped with a GSM dialer, and can be managed remotely via a voice call. In addition, in the event of an alarm, the system will send the alert to all numbers entered at the time of setting.
The large TFT screen, the simple design and the menu in Italian language ensure ease of settings and control, and can be activated and deactivated by remote control, RFID key, control panel keyboard and by smartphone using the free app.
Dynasun anti-theft systems provide customizable, effective and affordable protection at your fingertips.
In addition to the basic kit it is possible to integrate with other additional accessories in order to combine different needs.
Technical details

* Original GSM module 850/900/1800 / 900Mhz for global use.
* Possibility of priority choice between GSM call and the traditional PSTN home line
* Support 6 wired zones, 50 wireless defense zones and 8 wireless remote controllers.
* Can set 6 groups of alarming phone numbers. It will automatically call the preset phone numbers to notify the alarm information. Can set 3 groups of SMS phone numbers. It will automatically send the SMS of the alarm.
* Built-in clock and clear TFT LCD screen for direct use.
* Voice prompt for all operations. It’s quick and easy to add wireless learning coding accessories.
* 3 groups of timely arming and timely disarming.
* Ability to record a 10s message
* Defense Zone 1-9 names can be edited and registered.
* Also supports 433Mzh frequency wireless siren
* Program for the alarm location. Default names include: SOS, fire, gas, lock, hall, window, balcony.
* Defense zones can be programmed as immediate, delayed, 24 hour, bypass zones.
* Remote control unit to arm, disarm, monitor, intercom, etc.
* Various ways of arming: immediate arming by remote control, delayed arming, home arming, timely arming, remote arming etc.
* Low battery warning. Do not be afraid of not receiving alarm information due to low battery of accessories.
* Built-in 4.2V Li battery. When the power is off, the control unit will alarm.
* Suitable for apartments, even on several levels, offices, shops and garages
* Ability to add smoke, gas and water sensors
* It is compatible with the international protocol of the CID center: Ademco Contact ID protocol

* DynaSun Home G49A Wireless 433 Mhz GSM control unit
* 2 x Remote control
* 2 x RFID key
* 1 x Door contact
* 1 x Volumetric PIR Sensor
* 1 x Indoor wired siren
* Power supply