Automatic Window Cleaner Robot DynaSun Home W110 Intelligent Window Cleaner Window Cleaning, Safety Rope and Remote Control


DynaSun Home W110 is a window cleaning robot with a motor that works thanks to the vacuum that allows it to adhere to the surface to be cleaned, such as Windows and Glass, thanks to the two specially designed cleaning wheels.
The microfibre cloths supplied are used on both cleaning wheels and allow a thorough cleaning guaranteeing an excellent result, since they imitate the movement of a hand.
The DynaSun Home W110 robot uses advanced technology, typical of Artificial Intelligence, to calculate the route, detect windows and clean windows.
Thanks to its power, the robot is suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces and all dirt, even the most stubborn ones! He can reach the most difficult points and in total safety, without using stairs and without risking getting hurt!

Using the product is very simple!
First turn on the product and make sure that the fan works, then you can place it on the glass and, before removing your hand, make sure that the product is well adhered.
When you have to remove the robot, first press the Pause button on the remote control then, holding the safety rope, grab the robot with the other hand, at this point turn it off and detach it.
The Robot must always remain connected to the power cable to be used. If the robot is not connected to the power supply, the UPS system will activate automatically and the autonomy will be about 30 minutes. So the user will have to remove the robot from the window as soon as possible!

The robot has 3 automatic cleaning programs: Automatic Top and Bottom, Automatic Left Right, Automatic Right Left and a Double Cleaning function (to clean external or very dirty windows) Furthermore, the robot also has a manual program to control the path directly from the remote controller.
Do not use the robot on windows without frames or edges, do not use it on rainy and humid days. Always connect the safety rope!

* Smart window cleaner robot
* Calculate and carry out the most suitable route by yourself
* It holds itself attached to the window
* 3 automatic cleaning modes
* Suitable for any type of thickness, tiles, smooth surfaces and windows
* 3 fall protection systems * Stops automatically when cleaning is complete
* Includes 150 Kg high strength safety rope
* Cleaning mode for tables
* Cleaning speed 4 min / m2
* Remote controller
* Power consumption of 80W
* Voltage 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
* Ion-Lithium battery 500 mAh 14.8 V
* Charging time 1.5 h
* Dimensions: 28x14x12cm
* Weight 1.4 Kg

* DynaSun Home W110 Window Cleaning Robot
* 12x Microfiber Cloth
* Safety rope
* Remote controller
* Power adapter
* Power extension
* Lithium Ion Fall Protection Battery (Included in the Robot)
* Instruction Manual

Download Manual

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